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Which pits should be avoided when choosing a generator set

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As the most effective emergency backup power source, diesel generator sets are widely used by many users because of their high reliability, timeliness and safety. But purchasing a suitable diesel generator is not easy. This chapter will tell you about this problem. Only the diesel engine or generator brand is reported, the origin is not reported, and the unit brand is not reported.

Such as Cummins in the United States, Volvo in Sweden, and Stamford in the UK. In fact, it is impossible for any diesel generator set to be independently completed by a company. Customers should fully understand the diesel engine, generator, control cabinet manufacturer and brand of the unit in order to comprehensively evaluate the grade of the unit.

The second mobile phone refurbished machine is sold to customers as a new machine, and the refurbished diesel engine is equipped with a new generator and control cabinet, so that ordinary non-professional users cannot tell whether it is a new or an old machine. It does not talk about the relationship between long-line power and backup power, but only one "power", and sells backup power to customers as long-line power. In fact, backup power = 1.1x long line power.

The power of the diesel engine is configured as large as the power of the generator to reduce costs. In fact, the industry generally stipulates that the diesel engine power ≥ 10% of the generator power because of mechanical losses. Even worse, there are misreports of diesel engine power to users as kilowatts, and the use of diesel engines with less than generator power to configure the unit. Commonly known as: small horse-drawn cars, the unit life is reduced, maintenance is frequent, and the use fee is High.

The unit without protection function is sold to the customer as a unit with complete protection function. What's more, the generator sets with incomplete meters and no air switches are sold to customers. In fact, the industry generally requires that units above 10KW must be equipped with full instruments and air switches; large units and automated units must have self-protection.

Do not talk about random accessories, such as with or without muffler, fuel tank, oil pipeline, what grade of battery, how large capacity battery, several batteries and so on. In fact, these annexes are very important and must be stated in the contract. What's more, it does not even have a water tank fan, allowing customers to engage in open pools.

The above is a brief introduction about which pits should be avoided when choosing a generator set. I hope this knowledge will be helpful to you!