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Generator price

110KW Perkins generator set

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Many friends will ask related questions when buying 110KW Perkins generator sets. The basic parameters of different models are different, and the manufacturers' prices are different. In order to let everyone understand this information, WACKER POWER introduces 110KW Perkins power generation Crew related information.

110KW Perkins Generator Set Price

(仅供参考,实际价格以市场为主) 88100 (for reference only, the actual price is market-oriented)

Basic parameters of 110KW Perkins generator set

  • Rated power: 110KW

  • Rated current: 198A

  • Overall dimensions (mm): 2480 * 760 * 1600

  • Weight: 1250Kg

  • Engine model: 1106A-70TG1

  • Bore diameter * stroke: 100 * 120mm

  • Total cylinder displacement L: 7.01

  • Lubricant capacity L: 6

  • Size: 1241 * 629 * 951mm

  • Generator model: JHP-110GF